Release notes

In my attempt to treat this website like a living product with releases and such, I'll document the changes I make each time I release here.

v0.6.3 30th November 2023

v0.6.1 27th November 2023

Just a quick patch with some minor fixes:

v0.6.0 25th November 2023

It's been a while with no updates on the site, but I've finally managed to get into it for a few hours today. New in:

v0.5.5 17th September 2023

A fun weekend of coding has been had, in which I have started to refactor a lot of the code into a Domain-driven design layout, so this quick release is all internal stuff including:

v0.5.4 10th September 2023



v0.5.3 7th September 2023



v0.5.2 31st August 2023



v0.5.1 (and before) 28th August 2023

I only came up with this idea on v0.5.2 so the release notes for this one are basically: