First post!

Posted Sunday 26th November, 2023

By Rob Watson


Yes, it's the most pointless post on the site - the first one... So hello and welcome along!

Let's get the introductions out of the way: I'm Rob, I'm a backend developer specialising in PHP, but I can also hold my own on the frontend with Javascript, Typescript, etc. Lately I've been doing a lot with the frameworks Laravel (for backend) and React (for frontend). I particularly like how creating some React code feels like backend development - hooks, providers/contexts, etc. I really like the functional feel to it as well, something I'd love to bring over to PHP.

I have a keen interest in Domain-driven design (DDD), layered architecture, and clean code in general. In addition, I really like the idea of functional programming and applying that to the web.

What this site will be (to start with) is one of those boring old blogging sites with not a lot of content, but it'll be about programming, Laravel, React, PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Rust, DDD, layers, functions, etc. I'll also talk about the site as I've built it, things I should do (or should have done differently), new features as I add them, and so on.

Feel free to stop in anytime to see what's new (it'll probably be a monthly thing for now)!